Audiominutes Directory

1Election of Mayor (ref:137:47080:333884)
2Election of Deputy Mayor (ref:137:47080:333885)
3Report of Mayoral activities for 2017-18 by the outgoing Mayor, Cllr Marcia Cameron (ref:137:47080:333886)
4Announcements (ref:137:47080:333889)
5Declaration of Pecuniary Interests (ref:137:47080:333887)
6Minutes (ref:137:47080:333888)
7Leader of the Council, Cabinet portfolios, other administration and Opposition appointments (ref:137:47080:333890)
8Review of Allocation of Seats to Political Groups (ref:137:47080:333891)
9Constitution 2018-19 (ref:137:47080:333892)
10Members Allowance scheme 2018-19 (ref:137:47080:333893)